Joint Board Meeting Boasts of Foundation Accomplishments

Yesterday was the annual joint board meeting between the Feather River College Board of Trustees and the Feather River College Foundation, and we got to “show off” yet another year of accomplishments, and get to know the college board a little better.

We call this meeting our time to brag, so brag we did. We bragged about the more than $10,000 worth of mini grants we gave out in 2016. We bragged about our amazing fundraising season, with the reintroduction of our Murder Mystery Dinner, which sold out this year, and our Follies, which will be a St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We bragged about the record student participation in our Follies event last year, even noting that an FRC graduate is returning on his spring break just to participate in Follies this year… Talk about a lasting impression.

We couldn’t help but boast about our strategic plan that we have lined out for the 2016-2017 year. A plan that includes the development of a “student exchange thrift store”, where graduating students (and the community) can donate their couches, forks, vacuums…whatever, to be made available for incoming students. We recognize that living in such a rural area can make for a hard start up, so we wanted to help by making those essentials available and affordable.

Another strategic plan goal is to look into the establishment of a full tuition scholarship for each Plumas County high school graduate. The aim is to be able to provide each local high schooler with an opportunity to attend Feather River College with no tuition costs. It is a big goal, but then again, we don’t dream small here at the Foundation.

The night ended with a get together at Moon’s Restaurant, with Trustees, Foundation Members, and their spouses mingling and getting to know each other a little better.


Vice President Russell Reid presents Bill and Martha Wright with a Memorial Bill Peters Print in honor of Jay and Judy Wright. The print will be displayed at FRC in commemoration of the influential work Jay and Judy did on behalf of FRC.

Every year, the Foundation strives to recognize an influential person or persons who impacted Feather River College in some way.  This year, Foundation Vice President Russell Reid presented a Bill Peters Memorial Golden Eagle print to the members of the Wright Family, Bill and Martha, in honor of Jay and Judy Wright.
The community lost two exceptional individuals in the past year when Jay and Judy passed away. Jay was a pioneer at Feather River College. He established the Hatchery Program and helped build upon the wildlife and park management programs. Judy was an employee at FRC as well and “always had a smile on her face,” said Reid. The print and a plaque will be displayed at FRC “so we don’t forget such important people who helped build this college.”

If you are interested in helping build the college, or be apart of our growing team, feel free to shoot me (Carolyn)  an email at Otherwise stay tuned for more updates and have a great holiday season!




Murder Mystery is Back!

karaoke-killer-adWHO DID IT?

There will be a murder mystery on Oct. 28th at the Pink Flamingo Lounge, also known as the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds, and the Feather River College Foundation invites the public to help solve the case.

Back by popular demand, the Foundation is presenting a murder mystery dinner for some Halloween weekend fun and fundraising. The public will see how tough the competition can get in the play, Karaoke Killer The show features performances by local favorites and plenty of mystery and intrigue..

Competition brings out the best and the worst in people, and one person will take it too far. It is up to the audience to figure out who is the Karaoke Killer.

The audience will have the opportunity to purchase clues, predict who the killer is, and crack the case. With dinner and libations, the night is sure to be a great kick off to a festive weekend.

There will be a tackiest costume contest, and attendees are encouraged to don their frilliest boas and Hawaiian shirts to make a statement.

All of the proceeds from this event go towards the Foundation’s efforts to enhance Feather River College, including its scholarship and staff mini-grant programs. The event also serves as a perfect way to connect the community with the college.

Tickets for the event are $30.00 each and available at Moon’s and Carey Candy Co. Whole tables are available for purchase by contacting Nancy Gambell at 927-7473. Questions can be directed to Lisa Kelly at 283-9900.


Small Grants are a Big Help


Lets start this blog off with a big congrats to FRC soccer player Zak McCarthy and Dance Coach Gracie Yates for stealing the show at Dancing With the Stars! Such a great success and soooo many talented couples. The judges had their work cut out for them! Thank you to all who participated and volunteered!


It was a battle between the James’ and Linds(a)eys but James Shipp and Lindsey Kimzey took second!



And James Wilson and Lindsay Davis snatched third!

The spring semester has been a productive one for the Feather River College Foundation. Both of the Foundation’s fundraising events, Quincy Star Follies and Dancing With the Stars were sold out and the feed back has been great. However, The common question we get at the Foundation is where does the money we raise at these events go?

Right now, the main recipient of those funds is the Foundation’s inaugural mini grant program. Though it is a new program to everyone involved, it is proving to be an invaluable addition to the many ways the Foundation strives to help the College. It is not just valuable to the recipients,but to us as the Foundation. We are getting a glimpse of the needs at FRC,k which is becoming a building block for more as the Foundation keeps growing in ideas and scope.

In spring of 2015 the Foundation established its first round of staff and department mini-grants. The grants can vary from $100 to $1000 and are meant to provide extra support to programs and departments at Feather River College. Now, after three rounds of awards, the Foundation has awarded over $11,000 to FRC staff and departments to enhance their programs for the betterment of their students.

From field trips, student conferences, and sand volleyballs, to iPads and stethoscopes, the Foundation has funded 17 grants to help programs in places that their budgets may fall short. The mini grants are awarded each semester, and selected by a Foundation committee made up of community members. The grant applications also provide a way for the Foundation to recognize the bigger needs of the school. We are getting a glimpse of the needs at FRC which is becoming a building block for more as the Foundation keeps growing in ideas and scope.

Of course there are other avenues in which we put our fundraising money, for example, The Community Host Program (*cough* Host families needed! *cough*), but FRC enrichment is our goal, and I think we’ve achieved it well through the mini grants.  Check out the link below for the full list of recipients in the 2015-2016 year.

Mini Grant Awards for Spring 2015- Spring 2016

Dancing With the Stars Returns!

dancing_with_the_stars_imageThe competition is on, the celebrities are recruited and the coaches are getting ready to leave it all on the dance floor as they compete for the gold and roses. The Feather River College Foundation is presenting the second annual, Dancing With the Stars and the event is guaranteed to please.

Ten couples are lined up to dance on the evening of April 29, each team consisting of a coach and a local Plumas County “celebrity”. This is the second year for the popular fundraising event for the Foundation, and the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds will be shaking with laughter and cheer at 7 p.m.

The audience will have two options to watch Feather River College Dean of Students Derek Lerch, or CHP Commander Sarah Richards flounce on the dance floor. There are floor side tables with refreshment and appetizer service, as well as general seating tickets available.lINES uP

Floor side tables offer a complimentary beverage as well as appetizers and a light dessert courtesy of the Feather River College Culinary Arts Department. The tables seat eight or ten, and interested persons are encouraged to gather their friends and purchase a table.

The audience will also get to participate in a few competitions of their own. There will be a ball gown/ formal wear contest as well as a table decorating contest where fans will be able to decorate their table to cheer on their favorite competitor.

Many hands are at work on this event. Over thirty Feather River College students will be there helping, and some of the proceeds will go towards the programs they represent. Community acts will also be featured throughout the show including Quircus and Rhythm and Grace Dance studio.

Choreographer Debbie Edwards will be working diligently with the couples over the next month to get them ready for the show. With back flips and high kicks, these dancers are exploring all kinds of new ways to show off their moves.

“Last year’s event was such a huge success and we have big shoes to fill,” said Carolyn Shipp, Executive Director of the Foundation. “But our lineup this year is awesome and people are excited for this event.”


Jesse Segura and Coach Becky York perform a County Swing dance  earning them a second place award at last year’s Dancing With the Stars.

“It is just so nice to see people come rally around activities where the funding goes directly towards students,” said Fundraising Co Chair Lisa Kelly, “It is rewarding to support education in Plumas County.”

All of the proceeds from the event go to Feather River College Foundation programs, such as student scholarships, and staff and teacher mini grants.

Tickets for the event are $15 for general seating, $30 for individual floor side tickets, and whole tables are available by contacting Nancy Gambell at 927-7473.  Tickets are available at Carey Candy Co., Moon’s Restaurant, and Bank of America. Questions can be directed to Lisa Kelly at 283-9900.


Follies is Early! Plus New Dorms, New Mini Grants and New Members


The Quincy Star Follies is coming early, and just in time to break up the winter gloom. Though it is usually in the spring,  this year the date was changed to Feb. 26 and 27 due to availability of the man behind the curtain, director and choreographer Don Heartel.


Mark your calendar! Quincy Star Follies 2016 will be February 26 and 27


Foundation Fundraising Chair Lisa Kelly, said the different date
offers a chance for new participants in the cast, stating the about 25% of the cast this year are new members. Tickets will be available at various downtown businesses closer to the show.

Also, look out for Dancing with the Stars coming in the spring. The Foundation is always on the prowl for dancers and “Stars” so feel free to put your (or someone you know)’s name in the hat by contacting Lisa Kelly at 283-9900

New Dorms


New Pines Apartments

The Foundation is happy to announce that through the instrumental leadership at FRC, the former Skilled Nursing Facility in Quincy building and land has officially been donated to the Foundation. The new facility will be renovated into a dorm style student housing complex to fill the ever-growing need for student housing at FRC. The new complex will be called the Pines Apartments, and will house about 50 students.


This is the second housing facility acquired by the Foundation in the past two years. The first being the Meadows Apartments, which are fully renovated and providing housing for approximately 30 students. Both facilities will be operated by the college.


Home Away from Home for the Holidays: These FRC Foundation Community Host Students didn’t miss out on a good turkey and a party. They are pictured here enjoying a Thanksgiving meal hosted by Foundation Board Members Kris Miravalle, Marie Anderson, and Lisa Kelly.

Mini Grants:

The Feather River College Foundation completed its fall round of mini grants in November.  This round, the Foundation gave $4311.13, almost twice as much as the first round in the spring of 2015. The following projects were funded:

Sand Volleyball/Athletics E-Z Up Shade Tent $550
Child Development Center iPads to assist with required state reporting $440
Environmental Studies Sustainability Conference student and faculty attendance $936
Environmental Studies Guest Speaker as part of the Book in Common Project and Sustainability Action Team $500
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Backcountry Film Festival Town Hall Theater $600
Bike Barn/ Outdoor Recreation Leadership Bike Barn Employee Funding $800
Athletics/Baseball Protective L-screen for batting practice on the baseball field $1,085.13
7/11 grants funded   $4311.13

Funding from the mini grants comes from the fundraising efforts of the Foundation including the Foundation’s two premier fundraisers, Quincy Star Follies and Dancing With the Stars.

Welcome New Members!

Three community members, Vinny Dewitt, J.P. Harrison, and Jessica Coelho, have joined the Foundation Board of Directors this year, and their diversity and expertise bring valued contributions to the Board.

Engineer and owner of Spanish Peak Engineering, Vinny Dewitt joined last January and has brought a wealth of experience in construction and housing topics, scholarship selection, and overall business savvy to the board.

J.P. Harrison is the owner and operator of Green Gulch Ranch, a hay, hunting, and cattle ranch in Sierra Valley. Her grasp of business, the agriculture industry and her outstanding community involvement in clubs such as Soroptimist and the Feather River Land Trust, bring a unique perspective to the Board.

Jessica Coelho has been an active volunteer in the Foundation’s Quincy Star Follies event for many years. She is a Dental Assistant for Plumas County Public Health and she has a vested interest in the Foundation’s Community Host Program and is a member of the Foundation Spending Committee.

Throwback to 2014-2015: A Year of Firsts

It’s been a pleasant summer here in Quincy, and a productive one for the Foundation. With a new set of goals, new members, and plenty of new ideas, the Foundation board is gearing up for an even more successful year of promoting Feather River College to the community and helping fund student success. 2014-2015 was a year of firsts for the Foundation. The board worked diligently to create and enhance new opportunities for Feather River College, and here are a few ways we were able to support our favorite community college:

Community Host Program

The Feather River College Foundation Community Host Program has been a rising success since it started about five years ago. It was the Feather River College Foundation’s top priority last year to integrate the students into the community through the low-key, but effective, networking program. With multiple articles in the newspaper, a new Facebook page, avenues for feed back, Host-wide events, and exceptional word of mouth endorsement, the Host Program brought twenty-five families together with more than fifty students.  A majority of these families have since cultivated very strong relationships with the students, and we are looking forward to an even stronger year for the Program.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a host parent, or in signing up as a student, please click the links below and fill out an application.

 Student Application

 Host Application

Mini Grant Program

The Sand Volleyball Team poses with their brand new sand volleyballs purchase by a mini grant from the Foundation.

The Sand Volleyball Team poses with their brand new sand volleyballs purchased by a mini grant from the Foundation.

Last Spring, the Foundation introduced the Feather River College Employee Mini Grant Program.  The mini grants cater to Feather River College departments, faculty and staff whose proposed projects support the Foundation and the College’s mission. These grants are meant to help programs purchase educational material, support field trips or events, and enrich campus life in ways that the budgets cannot accommodate for whatever reason.

It was an impressive pilot program for the Foundation. We gave out more than $2500 to four different college departments including the Sand Volleyball Team and the Allied Health Department. Last year was a perfect way to test the water, set criteria, and prepare for a full year of giving in the 2015-2016 year.

This upcoming year, the Foundation hopes to award twice as much in two rounds of giving. There will be a round a semester, with applications due by October 15 for the fall grant, and February 15 for the spring grant.

Student Volunteers

With the introduction of the highly successful and sold out Dancing With the Stars event in February, the addition of the top notch Murder Mystery Dinner in November and the premier fundraising event, Quincy Star Follies, in May, fundraising income from last year was higher than ever. However, the cherry on top of the Fundraising sundae was the fact that the Foundation was able to give a large portion of those funds directly to Feather River College organizations through our student volunteers.

A few months before Dancing with the Stars, we sent an invitation to all the employees at Feather River College to organize a group of students to help with our fundraising events, and in exchange, we would donate a portion of our proceeds directly to those organizations.

A group of Equine students take a break from selling raffle tickets at the Foundation's Dancing With the Stars event. The Foundation used student volunteers to help run its events last  year, in exchange the Foundation donated part of its proceeds to  the organization the students represented. These girls were raising money for the annual Equine Field Trip during Spring Break.

A group of Equine students take a break from selling raffle tickets at the Foundation’s Dancing With the Stars event. The Foundation used student volunteers to help run its events last year, in exchange the Foundation donated part of its proceeds to the organization the students represented. These girls were raising money for the annual Equine Field Trip during Spring Break.

Last year we gave more than $5000 to seven Feather River College departments, clubs, and teams who helped us set up, clean up, serve and prepare food for our events. On top of that, we got to introduce the community to more than seventy-five FRC students, which was very rewarding to see the community’s positive response to our amazing students.

We plan to continue this pattern of student help, with priority given to organizations who have not yet had a chance to participate.

Student Scholarships

As of July 30th, the Feather River College Foundation established and distributed ten new scholarships to Feather River College students. Our Scholarship Committee, working alongside FRC Financial Aid, recognized that there was a need for more scholarships, especially to first year and local students. So, just in time for the new  school year, the Foundation approved $2500 in scholarships to be given to both local and out-of-the-county students.

Being able to give money to those in need is rewarding to say the least, and we look forward to exploring more ways to help students better afford their education.

New opportunities always come natural hiccups and challenges, but the Foundation board members are willing to face those challenges and keep the goal of student success at the top of their priority list. A lot has happened in the past year, and we encourage you to stay tuned for the exciting opportunities to come.

What is so Great About the Feather River College Foundation?

Shakespeare said it best, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Being a nonprofit beneficiary for one of the smallest community colleges in California is not without its challenges, but with grit and a little bit of creativity, we believe The Feather River College Foundation holds its own in a sea of big fish. We are a pioneer in many ways, and so it comes down to the question, what is so great about the Feather River College Foundation?

Our Board


The active and enthusiastic Foundation board members make a huge difference in the overwhelming success of our favorite fundraiser: Quincy Star Follies.

Without a doubt, the Feather River College Foundation Board of Directors is stacked with 12 of the brightest, most skilled and hardworking group of community volunteers imaginable. From bankers to business owners, FRC alumni to FRC employees, CPA’s, Insurance experts, and all in between. Having a diverse board makes all the difference when trying to make educated decisions in how to best help the college.

Our board is very active in the Foundation. Since its establishment in 1988 the individuals on the board are the hands and feet who raises the funds, manages the assets, monitors the accounts and makes sure the mission, to support Feather River College’s students and programs, is always the priority.

Our Assets

Did you know that the Feather River College Foundation owns some of the most commonly used assets at the school? The Residence Halls, the Fitness Center, the Meadows Apartments, even the horses at the Equine Center belong to the Foundation! It is our goal to make teaching and learning at Feather River College as easy and seamless as possible, which is why we are proud of the relationship we have with the college.

In fact, we are quite revolutionary in how we interact with and contribute to our college. The most common response I get when I say to other community college foundations that we own such essential assets to FRC is “Oh I wish…” or “That’s how it should always be!”

Though we are landlords, and the college graciously runs the businesses for us, we try to be as involved in the big decision making as possible. We take our job as benefactors to FRC very seriously. Whether it is through our Business Management Committee, who meets quarterly with FRC staff to go over the operation of the dorms, fitness center, and now the Meadows Apartments, or just by hearing input from the community, FRC staff, and students about how we can improve.

Our Student Connection


The Feather River College Volleyball team poses for a pic after performing in Feather River College Foundation’s annual production of Quincy Star Follies.

Making sure our efforts  effect students directly is an essential part to the decision making at the Foundation. Through efforts like our Community Host Program, we get to see firsthand how a community can help a student, and how a student can help a community.


Ashley Valor is all smiles as the price for her sale horse, Honor, hits $18,000 at last year’s annual Equine Program horse sale.

A student who spent two years riding a horse, both learning from each other, to take it through a sale where it fetches $18,000, all in effort to raise funds for a great program, shows how important a Foundation like ours is. A sports team dancing in lights on stage, to a community they are getting more familiar with by the day, shows how important a Foundation like ours is. Community members, who write a check every year for a student scholarship to celebrate the young talent who chose Quincy, shows how important a Foundation like ours is.

We are little, but our passion for our community and college is fierce. Though we do have areas to improve, and we are ever conscious of the economic restraints of being in a small community, we are gathering momentum and people are starting to realize for themselves what is so great about the Feather River College Foundation.